I am an Assistant Professor at the Technology, Policy, and Management (TPM) faculty at TU Delft. I am also an Associated Researcher with the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPI-INF) and a core member of the International Data-driven Research for Advanced Modeling and Analysis Lab (iDrama Lab).


Overall, my research focuses on applying machine learning and data-driven quantitative analysis to understand emerging phenomena on the Web such as the spread of false information and hateful rhetoric. I am also interested in understanding algorithmic recommendations on social media platforms. My research has been published at top-tier conferences such as WWW, ICWSM, ACM CCS, and IEEE S&P. My co-authors and I have received a distinguished paper award at ACM IMC 2018, best paper honorable mention awards at ICWSM 2020 and CSCW 2021, and a best paper honorable mention at ACM CCS 2022.


Throughout the academic journey, there are a lot of ups and downs, with a large number of rejections. To reflect a better picture of my academic journey and help early stage researchers to understand that rejection is normal, this news section contains both positive and negative news (like paper rejections, grant rejections, etc.)

  • May 2023: Our paper studying the generation of unsafe images from Text-to-Image models got accepted at ACM CCS 2023! Congrats to the Chinese dream team (Yiting, Xinyue, and Xinlei) for carrying!
  • April 2023: I will join the TPC of Usenix Security 2024!
  • April 2023: One paper rejected by SIGIR 2023. Interesting set of reviews highlighting the flaws of our paper, including the fact that we had a long abstract, no novelty, and no interesting results!
  • March 2023: I will join the TPC of NeurIPS 2023!
  • March 2023: Two papers rejected by AAAI ICWSM 2023.
  • March 2023: Marie Curie Doctoral Networks proposal rejected. 0/4 in submitted research grants!
  • January 2023: Our paper investigating QAnon on Telegram got accepted at WebSci’23! Congrats Mohamad for the hard work through multiple rejections!
  • January 2023: One paper rejected from Usenix Security 2023! Interesting journey: After getting desk-rejected for being out of scope and subsequently getting resurrected, the paper was killed by Reviewer D in Round 2 :)
  • January 2023: One paper rejected from The Web Conference 2023! Our paper “died” after being held in a hostage situation for one month! :)
  • January 2023: I will join the TPC of ACM IMC 2023!
  • January 2023: Starting the year strong! Meta 2022 Foundational Integrity Research proposal rejected. 0/3 in funding proposals. We scale!
  • December 2022: I will join the TPC of ICML 2023. Officially an AI expert!
  • December 2022: I will join the TPC of ACM CCS 2023 (Usability and Measurement Track).
  • December 2022: Two papers accepted at IEEE S&P 2023: 1) Studying the evolution of hateful memes using Contrastive Learning and 2) Flagging candidate posts for soft moderation on Twitter. Congrats to Yiting and Pujan for carrying!
  • November 2022: Our paper entitled “Non-Polar Opposites: Analyzing the Relationship Between Echo Chambers and Hostile Intergroup Interactions on Reddit” has been accepted at AAAI ICWSM 2023. Congrats Alexandros!
  • November 2022: Our paper on Measuring and Triggering Toxic Behavior in Open-Domain Chatbots got a Best Paper Honorable Mention at ACM CCS 2022. One CCS Honorable Mention thats enough!
  • November 2022: VENI pre-proposal rejected by NWO.
  • October 2022: One paper rejected by ACM CSCW 2023.
  • September 2022: I will join the TPC of The Web Conference 2023 (Web & Society Track).
  • August 2022: Happy to share that our paper studying the generation of toxic language from open-domain chatbots has been accepted at ACM CCS 2022. One CCS, One Oakland, that’s enough for 2022.
  • August 2022: Another one bites the dust. One paper rejected by ACM IMC 2022.
  • July 2022: Happy to share that we got two papers accepted at ICWSM 2023. These are the results of two summer internships at MPI-INF. Preprints available here and here. Congrats Cici and Felipe!
  • July 2022: One paper rejected by ACM CCS 2022.
  • July 2022: Kicking off the tenure-track research grants’ hunting journey with a…“future success.” One individual grant proposal (50K Euros) rejected by NWO.
  • June 2022: I will join the TPC of WSDM 2023.
  • June 2022: Honored to be named one of the Best Senior Program Committee members at ICWSM 2022.
  • March 2022: Mission with code name “Barcelona” failed! Two paper submissions rejected by WebSci 2022.
  • March 2022: Our paper investigating Anti-Chinese sentiments on the Web has been accepted at ICWSM 2022!
  • March 2022: One paper submission early rejected by Usenix Security 2022.
  • February 2022: I will join the TPC of Usenix Security 2023.
  • January 2022: Mission Failed We’ll Get Em Next Time. Three paper submissions rejected by the Web Conference 2022.
  • November 2021: Our paper on detecting state-sponsored trolls on Reddit got accepted at IEEE S&P 2022. Officially a security expert!
  • November 2021: Two paper submissions rejected by ICWSM 2022.
  • October 2021: Our paper investigating the effectiveness of community bans after cross-platform migrations received a Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at CSCW 2021.
  • August 2021: I will join the TPC of The Web Conference 2022 (Web & Society Track).
  • July 2021: Two papers rejected: First one submitted at IMC 2021, second one submitted at CSCW 2022.